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You have your shiny new website all set up. It’s got all the information about your company a customer could ever want. It’s perfect, right? Almost.

You need to have some kind of regularly updating content on your website. Whether it’s just a news feed where you post your weekly sales or a blog attached to the site giving tips and advice about your industry, fresh content on your site is something you can’t say no to. And here’s why…

Communicate your activity

The simplest and most obvious thing that fresh content on your site does is alerts people to your activity. With a stagnant site with no new content or information, potential customers could be left wondering if the information that is available is even accurate. Think about it – if you see a site that hasn’t been updated since 2010, you will probably look elsewhere for more up-to-date websites. Don’t be that out-of-date website. Let people know you’re active and continuing to engage with your online customers by providing regular content on your site. This is also a great way to make announcements about new products, services, or sales your business provides.

Sharing opportunities

Social media is a huge part of driving traffic to your site and providing regular content is a key aspect. People are much more likely to share new blog posts or announcements from your site to social media than a never-changing page. By having new updates every week or month, you’re providing even more opportunities for people to share your site around. It can be helpful to make your news feed or blog posts as enticing as possible to encourage your followers to share. As HubSpot writes, this “extends the reach” that your posts can make, thus getting more eyes on your website and business.

SEO rankings

This is the most important reason to keep your website up-to-date and full of fresh posts. Every page of your site is scored by Google on its freshness. The fresher your website is, the more likely it will be higher up in the search rankings. A stagnant page from 5 years ago isn’t going to be higher than a website that has consistent updates every month. There has been a ton of research surrounding just how Google goes about ranking site freshness. Over at the Moz Blog, they have laid out some very detailed information on freshness scores. The amount of new things on a website as well as how often the website gets updated play key roles in the freshness rating of a site.

In conclusion…

Keep your website fresh! You’ll keep your customers current on the happenings at your business. You’ll provide more opportunities for your website to get shared across the web. You’ll increase your likelihood of scoring well with the search engines.  The possible gain you get from keeping a news or advice blog on your site should make this an easy decision.