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This afternoon I was talking to somebody who is opening up his own take-out restaurant. I mentioned if he thought of getting a website, and he told me he didn’t need one. Let me explain why he is wrong.

Everybody with a business needs a website. The days of effectively advertising in the newspaper are over, the phonebook became a fire starter and the pamphlets you sent out in the mail get thrown out as soon as people see the recycling-bin. People turn to the internet for information, and especially with new smart phones coming out with the ability to look up info online, there’s no denying it: you need a website.
About 70% of people in Saskatchewan turn to the internet to find out more about a business before they call or walk in the door.

You don’t have to have a big company to have a website. A website can be as simple as having your menu and phone number online for your take out restaurant. For example, if I want pizza, I want to check out the menu and make my decision in my own time. So, why not have a menu online and make it easy for people to pick their favorite pizza? It also prevents outdated menus and having to disappoint people. Add your phone number and people can make the order. It saves lines of people who can’t decide in your pizza place, and people are in and out in a jiffy.
Add the advantage of a menu-special on the site, which you can prepare in advance (I assume making 5 equal pizzas in 1 shot is easier than making them each separate), and you’re golden.

Ok, I know that’s in a perfect world, but prepared or not, this is where the world is headed.