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We’ve all heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but that statement is especially true when it comes to online content. If you find that your social media attempts aren’t garnering as much engagement or that your website isn’t getting as many conversions as you’d hoped, there’s one easy solution to start trying: add more images!

Why images?

There’s a variety of reasons why people click on posts with images more, but according to Sendible, it all boils down to two main reasons: emotions and boredom. A well-chosen picture can elicit a wide range of emotions, sometimes in a shorter amount of space and time than words can. They can also help enhance a very specific emotion or idea and add on to whatever text is accompanying the image.

In today’s world where we spend a large amount of time looking at websites and social media full of text, we often experience content overload. There’s just too much to read and go through. Images are a great counter to this for a few reasons. They can break up the flow of text, keeping people interesting in what’s on the page. And since images can portray ideas or emotions in a smaller amount of space, they can act as a good way to grab attention and communicate what you need quickly.

How can I use them efficiently?

There’s a ton of advice out there about what kind of images to use and what colors convey which emotions and all sorts of other detailed information on successful image use. However, it can be simplified down to two main ideas.

First of all, make your pictures big. This makes perfect sense – the bigger a picture is, the more likely people looking at your site will see it. Econsultancy did a number of case studies testing whether bigger pictures lead to more conversions and the results are very telling: one site increased a picture’s size by 28% and got a 63% increase in click-throughs! If that doesn’t convince you to use bigger pictures, I don’t know what will.

Next, make sure you incorporate pictures with faces. According to studies, people spend more time looking at faces than text when looking at advertisements, newspapers, and other media that has both text and pictures. Use this to your advantage! It also ties into the first point about why images are so good at getting conversions: seeing someone’s face is more likely to result in emotions and empathy.

Where can I get images?

Now that everyone’s figuring out how great images are for their websites, people have started making websites and apps that are great for making images just the way you need them for your website or social media. On their blog, Buffer made a huge list of image editing tools. Some of my favorites from the list are Canva (great for making catching images for social media, even if you aren’t a designer) and Easelly (make your own professional-looking infographics). There’s also great sites like Unsplash that offer large, high-quality, Creative Commons Zero-licensed photos.

And of course if you’re looking to integrate photos into your website, just check out our portfolio and you’ll see that we make sure to use large, beautiful pictures and friendly faces when we make websites. We understand the impact that images can have on the success of your site, so if you’re looking to make your site more image friendly and increase your conversions, just let us know!