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Features - 1Password 2016-06-16 08-58-49

Keep forgetting your passwords, or worse, use 1 password for everything? Don’t. Because in this day and age, sites with personal information and passwords are hacked all the time. If one service gets hacked and you use the same password for multiple sites, it’s a small just for the hacker to get all your information.

1Password is a password manager that lets you create unique, strong passwords for each service. These passwords will be stored, encrypted on your computer and are only accessible from your computer with your master password (which should be something like a phrase only you remember). I sleep a lot better because  I know my passwords are safe.

Buy 1Password for a one-time price of $64.99 (one user) or $5/month (for families) for Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS.



Need to explain what you see on your screen? Try Monosnap. Windows and MacOS come with built-in screenshot apps, but Monosnap adds functionality like annotation, cloud storage for the screenshots and an easy to share interface.

Get Monosnap for free for MacOS and Windows.

Google Drive


For a long time, I was a loyal supporter of Dropbox. The ease of sharing, collaborating and cloud storage was great until Dropbox started getting heat from Google Drive, which, in my opinion, is beating Dropbox at its own game right now. Dropbox now has an annoying popup, asking you to sign up for an account if a file is shared with you. Dropbox still has only a 2GB limit on free accounts and I’m guessing more people have a Google account than a Dropbox account.

Download the freemium version on all platforms and web.



Backup, backup, backup! I’ve heard too many times “I lost everything when my hard drive crashed”, or something to that extent. Don’t let that happen to you. With Backblaze, you have unlimited cloud storage and your computer will make sure everything is backed up in the background. If your hard drive crashes, simply buy a new one and download the backup from Backblaze back onto the new hard drive.

Backup your files for only $5/month on MacOS, Windows with clients for Android and iOS.



What are you doing? No, really. Do you know what you do on your computer during the day? Are you on Facebook or are you actually productive? RescueTime helped me visualize what I was wasting my time on during the day. Obviously, this is not a system for manual labourers, but if you spend your working hours at a computer, RescueTime can help you be more productive.

Get more productive for free on MacOS and Windows.


Skype Number Canada

Need to separate your home phone or personal cell phone from the business? Don’t get a new phone. Instead, get a “virtual phone number” with VirtuFon. Local numbers are available all over Canada and the rest of the world. You can use a mobile app to place/receive calls or forward the number to your Skype account or incoming calls only. Best of all: Their customer support is amazing.

Get a new number for only $5.95 per month.

What do you use in your business? We’d love to hear it in the comments below.