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Our first testimonial video is finished. Lisa Evans, race director of the Summit Run explains the relationship we have with the event. We’re happy to sponsor the run again this year!

The process

If you would like a video like this, we can help. We will send a professional videographer to a location you can determine. Your office, your home, a location you worked on/at, it’s all possible. You don’t even have to have to be in the Prince Albert area!
Our video production team will take all the footage that’s shot and create a great looking video, in stunning 1080P high definition. You can make changes to it if you need to, and the producers will be in constant contact with you about the result.

There are 3 types of video: Ads (commercials like the ones on TV), Testimonials (like the one above) and profile videos (where you introduce your business).
A 30 second video will give you 1 interview and 1 edit,
60 seconds gives 2 interviews and 2 edits and
90 seconds gives you 3 interviews and 2 edits.