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At first glance, web hosting can seem like a complicated and abstract concept. This introduction to web hosting will show that web hosting actually provides support for a web business very similar to what is involved in setting up a physical business:

How is web hosting like setting up a physical business?Commercial building

Business owners often lease commercial real estate for their business. They pay rent to a landlord for the right to use the rental space, and the landlord will take care of services such as building maintenance and providing security systems.

Web hosting is very similar to renting commercial real estate. Instead of renting space in a building, a client rents space on a machine called a server, which makes their business accessible to visitors online. The web host also takes care of maintenance of the server, as well as the security to protect the website.

How do I choose a hosting plan?

The two main things to consider when choosing a plan are Disk Space and Data Transfer. These ideas can also be thought of in terms of setting up a physical business:

Disk Space

A physical business needs a certain amount of floor space, depending on its inventory; this space is measured in square feet. Disk space is how much space your website will use on the server machine. Each file in the website uses space on the server, and bigger files (especially photos and video) take up more space. Sites that use large amounts of data will need more disk space, measured in (GB).

Data Transfer

A physical business will also have a shipping account to serve customer needs, and depending on the amount of shipping and the size of the shipments, the type of plan varies. Data Transfer is how much information your visitor will request from the server. When visitors view your site, all the information on the page (words, photos, videos) is sent to the visitor in the form of data packets, so this is similar to the costs in a shipping account.

How do I get started?

Every website has different needs.]The best way to get started and choose the right plan for you is to contact PoppenWorks to discuss your specific website needs. If you would like to learn more before talking to us, consider reading this introduction to web hosting article at Wikipedia: