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In its study of August 2007, digital marketing firm iProspect made a surprising finding: 67 percent of online browsers admitted to searching for information because of offline exposure to a product or service. More importantly, 39 percent of such people admitted they made a purchase, which indicates that offline marketing is truly significant even in these times of predominantly digital marketing.
More recently, close to 50 percent of small business owners said that customer referrals are the biggest shot in the arm for their business. These results – from a March 2012 study by Manta, an online community that connects small businesses – also highlight how important offline channels are for growing your business. Of the several offline channels available, it is vital you choose the one that is most relevant for your business.

Word of Mouth Referrals

The iProspect study found that word of mouth reference is one of the most significant ways of driving purchases. Indeed, this is one of the best and yet, simplest ways to create greater acceptance of your brand.
Ask your existing customers to refer your product or service to their family and circle of friends and you can easily reach out to a population that already views you with positivity. Allow customers small discounts and special offers; this not only creates greater brand loyalty, it also motivates them to give you positive referrals.

Print Ads

Along with word of mouth publicity, print ads also exert a strong pull on potential customers. Placing an ad in your local newspaper and prominent profession-specific magazines will increase your brand’s exposure.
Agreed, you have to spend on the ad space but this is often a pittance compared with the publicity you get. If you plan for larger ad space, you can also include some relevant information that motivates the reader to find out more about your business.

Sponsor Local Events

Every community conducts events – a fair, baseball games, school functions, charity drives and so on. Sponsor an organization or a sports team, and put up a banner with your business name. Set up a stall exhibiting your products, offer free samples to the first few visitors.
If possible, have a contest during the event with your product being the prize. This gives you a great opportunity to introduce your brand to a large audience.
Besides, the fact that you are a sponsor also helps generate goodwill amongst people in your community, spurring them to give you positive referrals.

Most important of all, remember that networking always works. You may be doing it virtually through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but nothing can beat the warmth and joy generated by meeting and talking to people in the flesh.

So, have those well-designed, informative business cards ready and put your best foot forward as you focus on generating leads through offline marketing. Contact us to find out more about our print design services by filling out the contact form on the right side of your screen, or calling 1-855-866-9995.