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We often share files with our clients through email, but when there’s a lot of files or one big file, email is not always suitable for the job. Most email providers have a file-size limit on their email system. I believe the current email server can handle emails up to 20mb and Gmail goes to 50mb. But what if the file is 75mb? Here are a few solutions.


Dropbox is not only an awesome way to backup and synchronize files, but it’s also great to share files. We use it all the time to share big files with our co-workers and clients. It’s a program that installs on your computer and creates a folder called “My dropbox”. Anything you put in here will be synchronized with the internet for easy access from anywhere (with a password of course). In this folder, there’s also a folder called “Public”. Any file in here can be share with anyone via a simple link. All people have to so is click on the link Dropbox created and they can download the file.
Have a look at Dropbox. is a hip new file sharing tool where you don’t have to install anything. You don’t even need an account! All you do is go to and click “Select files”. Select the files from your computer and let do the work. You will receive a link to the files that you can share instantly, even when you’re still sending the files to Make sure you keep your browser window open until the files are done sending!


Yousendit is a website dedicated to sending big files via email. Go to the website, fill out the form on the front page, skip the paid options and send a big file. It’s as simple as that.


Dropsend is the same kind of service as YouSendIt. Go to the site, fill out the form and send the files.