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Ecommerce website consultation

More and more businesses have an online store. Whether you’re selling 1 product or a catalogue of over 1000 products, running an eCommerce website takes time, effort, trial and error and a lot of patience.

We’ve helped several store owners get their business going online. Even better, Mark runs his own online store, so not only do we have experience with sites we built for others, we also know what it’s like to run the store.

Funky Moose Records - eCommerce website by PoppenWorks

There’s a blog post we wrote to prepare you what’s to come when you decide to run an online store, and when you’re ready to commit to it, we’d gladly help you out with setting up the store, brainstorm with you about logistics and help you promote your site to make it a successful venture.

There are several ways to set up your online store, but Shopify has won us over on quite a few occasions, so we became a Shopify partner. It’s user user-friendly and they have excellent support. Sign up for a free trial to get your feet wet.

The advantages of Shopify over other solutions:

  • Shopify can be set up in 15 minutes
  • Shopify has great 24/7 customer service
  • Shopify has a well-supported app store
  • Shopify has a theme store
  • Shopify is streamlined
  • Shopify takes care of the payments for you. No need to sign up for payment┬áprocessors

So, what does it cost?

Shopify charges monthly plans starting at:
US$9 for existing sites that want to add eCommerce.
US$29 for a full eCommerce website.
US$79 gives you lower payment processing rates and features like cart abandonment recovery and full reports.
US$179 will add features like real time carrier shipping and customized reports.

Then, we charge for building the website and ongoing consulting.┬áThe startup cost depends on what kind of store you’re running and what kind of template you have in mind. A store with 1 or 2 products will have a different design than a store with 500 products.
Because we believe building an online store is an ongoing routine, we have monthly plans for consulting. The monthly fee is based on the Shopify plan you choose and how much you’ll be needing our services.

Contact us now about how we can help you propel your way to a great online store.