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We’ve been in business for a while now, and we’re always trying to improve our work and the way we work. Today, we’re updating our web design workflow. We used to:

  1. Do an initial interview with the client,
  2. send estimate,
  3. receive deposit,
  4. design site,
  5. develop site,
  6. insert content,
  7. troubleshoot,
  8. receive final payment,
  9. “aftercare”. 

This has been working for a long time, but ever since we started building bigger sites for clients with less time, we found that these clients were struggling to come up with content for their website, due to various reasons. Whether it’s because of the lack of time, interest or skill, it seems like projects often get hung up on the content for the site.

So here’s the change we’re making: The content creation will move to almost the top of the list, before the design stage, and we’ll have a content creator on staff to help client out with coming up with content (if needed). We’re doing this for different reasons.
First of all, it helps us understand the business better, even before we start designing. We can design the site around the content, rather than having to cram content in a design that may not reflect the business 100%.
Second of all, it helps us plan the project better. We can get the site rolled out quicker, right after we receive the content that needs to be on the site. We’re all for efficiency, and we strongly believe this will increase the speeds and focus we have on projects.