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You’ve probably heard the phrase “A/B testing” before. It’s a testing method that measures the success of two different versions of something. The idea is to show the ‘control’ or default option to the same number or kind of people as the ‘test’ option. This way you get a good idea of which option is more successful for the same type of audience. For a website you might test whether a blue button gets more clicks than a red button, for example. Without proper A/B testing, you might be getting significantly fewer clicks and sales as well lower search engine rankings.So how exactly does A/B testing help your site?

Images and Colors

The first thing that comes to many people’s minds when they think of A/B testing is testing for colour choices and image choices. Blue or red “Add to Cart” buttons, an image of a model showing an item or just the item by itself; these are all possible test options. Luckily these types of changes are some of the easiest to test since it only takes moments for a test audience to look at images. And for such an easy change to test and implement, color can have amazing results – up to 20% more conversions in some cases!


One possible area to test is the text on your site’s pages. It might seem like common sense that shorter text will lead to more click-through, right? Not necessarily. Some A/B tests have found the opposite, concluding that longer-form text lead to over 7% more leads, including more high-quality leads. 7% might seem like a small number but when that same A/B testing is applied to other areas of your site those small numbers begin to add up.

Call to Action

Another thing to consider is what types of calls to action work best. For your home page a button that says “Learn More” might get clicked more than one that says “Read Me”. As with everything else, it can be hard to find out which is best for your site until some A/B testing is done. Perfecting your call to action is crucial since it can determine whether a potential customer decides to purchase or not. During his election campaign, then-Senator Barack Obama changed his sign up button from “Sign Up” to “Learn More”, resulting in $60 million more for his campaign. Not every call to action is that high stakes, but you get the point!


Additionally, specific keywords in your site’s text can be A/B tested. Does “landscaping” or “gardening” bring in more hits? Which one makes your site show up closer to the top of the desired searches? Just like with longer versus shorter text, it’s not always a sure thing which of two options will bring in more leads for your site. Every company and audience is different which is why A/B testing your site is so important.
At PoppenWorks, part of our search engine optimization package is A/B testing to help figure out the best words to optimize your site. If you don’t score high in the search results, do the button colors even matter? If you’re interested in optimizing your site contact us today.