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Our top 5 WordPress pluginsThe majority of the websites we build are based on WordPress, arguably¬†the most loved content management system in the world for a few reasons: it’s free to use, it’s highly customizable and it’s fairly user-friendly.

We get a lot of inquiries about what the “best plugins” are for WordPress. Of course, it all depends on the website you’re running, but there are a few essentials that any WordPress powered site can benefit from. Here are 5 of our favorite WordPress plugins.


BruteProtect is a cloud-powered Brute Force attack prevention plugin that leverages the millions of WordPress sites to identify and block malicious IPs.

In plain English, it means, every WordPress site that’s connected to BruteProtect shares a big database of malicious addresses and blocks them, before they try to “ram down your gates” through wp-login.php.

Antispam Bee

Tired of getting hundreds of spam comments on your blog? Antispam Bee has a great filter for detecting spam on your comments. It’s a “set it and forget it solution”.

Disqus comments

If you find the¬†Wordpress commenting system a little limited when it comes to “social”, you can give Disqus a go. Disqus is a centralized commenting system, which allows people to comment from social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Google Analytics for WordPress

This plugin by Yoast is the easiest way to include Google Analytics into your WordPress site. All you need is your UA number from Google (you can find this in the settings) and start tracking visitors. No fiddling with code in your template.

MCE Table buttons

Excellent for tabular data (price lists for example). This plugin adds a row of buttons to the WordPress editor that allows you to add and edit tables almost like you would in a Word document.
Note: Make sure that your table is flexible enough if you have a responsive theme.

These are the plugins that we use on most of the sites we build. We would love to hear your favorite “universal” plugin for websites you’re using on a regular basis.

Leave your favorites in the comments!