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There’s no time like the present to start social media marketing – even for small businesses. It might seem intimidating but if you just keep these three tips in mind, it will be a piece of cake.


Your social media marketing will work best if you keep in mind that the main goals of social media are communication and sharing. Although it may be tempting to just put links to your site and products on blast, it will be a better use of your time to write thoughtful tweets and Facebook posts that encourage your customers to communicate with you.

Morton’s Steak House went above and beyond by delivering one of their customers on Twitter a steak at the airport. You obviously don’t have to do anything that drastic! But when you take the time to respond to concerns and questions through social media, you are showing customers that you care about what they think. Ignore those concerns and questions though and you make customers feel like they are shouting at an impersonal wall. Not a great way for people to see your business!

Make Calls to Action

Although you want to focus on communication and building a reputation as a friendly, trustworthy business, you do still need to work on getting sales. You are a business after all! The key is to make calls to action. A call to action is usually an image or phrase that directly asks your customers to make an action, like “Click here!” or “Buy now!” Facebook is a particularly great place to use call to action images as image posts on Facebook generate more likes and comments than plain text or link posts. Remember to sprinkle these in your social media posts rather than make them the focus of every tweet or image.

Be Flexible

Above all else, remember to be flexible as you journey into the world of social media. If you try a certain style of posting and aren’t getting as much engagement as you would like, try a different tactic. Make sure you’re keeping track of how much engagement your posts generate – how many likes, favorites, re-tweets, comments, etc. You can do this on your own or use an app like Buffer or Hootsuite to post to your social media networks. Below is an example of a tweet on Buffer. You can easily see at the bottom how much engagement it has generated.

What are you waiting for?

There’s no excuse not to have a social media presence. Although we encourage to stick to what you can handle, the earlier mentioned Hootsuite will keep track of all your social streams in one place and with mobile apps, you’ll be able to answer questions on the go, or when you have 5 minutes to spare.